Norton’s Business Team

  • Robyn and George Mockus, Owners

Robyn and George Mockus, Owners

From owning Norton’s of Green Lake until 2004, to a retail business in Princeton called “Georgie’s”, to an adventure in California for a business venture in Santa Barbara, George and Robyn have gone full circle. And then, in November of 2012, they decided to purchase the restaurant back! November of 2012.

With a passion for the restaurant business and a focus on customer service that is second to none, the couple has poured their hearts and souls into making this business a great success! You are welcomed with a friendly smile and sincere sense of gratitude for your business, as each customer, be it local or tourist from miles away, is the most important guest to both of them from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you depart…. in bliss, having had a dining experience with excellent food, beautiful decor, views of the lake, and a friendly professional staff that makes you feel as those you have just been with longtime friends. We sincerely thank you and will look forward to seeing you again!

Norton’s Mascots, Georgie and Ruby