Norton’s Marine Dining Room to Norton’s of Green Lake

Norton’s of Green Lake (Norton’s) is located in Central Wisconsin, on the North Shore of Green Lake.

The restaurant was built in 1947 and began operating in 1948 under the ownership of Harry and Bud Norton. Bud left the business in 1949 to continue operating Norton’s Marina. (Now Green Lake Marina ).

Harry’s sister, Dorothy was Norton’s first chef and worked until 1951. The restaurant underwent two major renovations in 1951 and 1959, in order to accommodate the large crowds that frequented the restaurant.

The 1959 renovation is reflective of the current layout of Norton’s today. Then and now, Norton’s has hosted many pleasurable events such as: ice fishing, ice boating, water ski shows, sailing regattas, outdoor entertainment, wedding receptions, private parties and more.

Additionally, Norton’s has had its share of famous guests too, including Robert F. Kennedy and Jack Nicholson, just to name a few.

The business remained in the Norton’s family until Harry’s death in 1966.

The following year, the restaurant was sold to an investment group, Norton Bay Corporation, who hired George Mockus, Sr. to manage the business. Lucille and George Mockus, Sr. purchased the restaurant in 1975 and operated it for 10 years.

In 1985, their sons George and Peter carried on the family heritage when they purchased the restaurant from their parents. For 20 years, George and Peter operated Norton’s Marine Dining Room which came to be known as the high quality establishment it still is today.

Through the years, Norton’s became well known for serving up the delicious, famed Fish Chowder, Canadian Walleye Dinner and their famous Strawberry Shaum Torte dessert.

A sad day came in November 2004, when Norton’s closed for business in order to make room for a condominium development. For the first time in 56 years, Norton’s was closed for an extended period of time and appeared to be gone forever.

In April 2005, Jill and Mike Havey purchased the restaurant and renamed it Norton’s of Green Lake . They were always very proud to have preserved the legendary Green Lake landmark.

And as the world turns, so do the hands of time, and on November 30th, 2012, the Mockus’ returned to Norton’s of Green Lake.

Robyn and George Mockus have returned to carry on the longtime family tradition and to fulfill their personal dreams in continuing to keep Norton’s as one of the best lakefront restaurants remaining on Big Green. Norton’s lakeside views are breathtaking, the food is second to none and guests always feel “at home”.

Norton’s of Green Lake, where unforgettable friends, food, and fun are abundant!